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Low Vision Support is a service of Accessibility dot Net, Inc. which has been helping persons blind and visually imapired since 1997

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Accessibility dot Net, Inc. was founded by Patrick J. Fischer in Martin City, Missouri in 1997 as F1-Key, LLC which held a Missouri Rehabilitation Services for the blind contract. Patrick was an authorized distributor VAR - Value Added Reseller for the leading manufacturers of technology which help persons who are blind and visually impaired. For over 20 years, Accessibility dot Net, Inc. has developed products and websites. From the F1-Key® turn-key Computer systems in the 90's, to Braille Cards in 2000, to LED Magnifiers in 2001, to Large Print Calendar in 2007, to Vision Helpers in 2007, .


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The Jumbo Large Print Calendar was first created in 2007 by Patrick J. Fischer, and is provided by Accessibility dot Net, Inc., which has been helping the blind and visually impaired since 1997. 

The Jumbo Large Print Calendar re-enforces a person’s activity for the current month and for the upcoming months. Patrick's mom has been his customer since the first one he made in 2007 and now she is 92. She loves it because she always knows when birthdays, doctor appointments and special events are coming up. Over the years Patrick has had different people email him and tell him how much this has helped their parents keep something that hangs on the wall every day for them to look at for reminders. One person even said they hung it on the wall outside the bathroom door, so her dad would see it every time he came out of the bathroom. Patrick is a big advocate for simple solutions to help an aging population. Patrick's mom loved the Wall calendar, but wanted something smaller, so the desktop version was created which is now her favorite.


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Vision Helpers® had showrooms in Omaha, Nebraska and Urbandale, Iowa from 2007 to 2014 and represented the majority of manufacturers; Freedom Scientific, Pulse Data, Humanware, Telesensory, Times, Enhanced Vision, MagniSight and Optelec. 

Vision Helpers® latest product was developed for Smart Eyewear to insure you have spot-less free views, but it also works great on LCD screens made by Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft, and other companies.

Vision Helpers® is technology independent and works on all Smart Eyewear devices. They also work great to keep your screens clean on your Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad, Microsoft Surface, Google tablets, Amazon Echo Show, AR eyewear, XR eyewear, VR eyewear, tablets, laptop screens, TV screens, and anything else that you demand spot-less free views