Low Vision Support is dedicated to helping you!

This website is dedicated to provide information for persons with low vision, and for those people that are trying to help someone with low vision.  Do you know someone with low vision?  An estimated 6.5 million Americans, and about 135 million people worldwide have low vision and that number is expected to double by the year 2035 as our population ages.

Our website provides a Blog on the different areas that can help you now, as well as we sell digital downloads of information to help you even more.  We sell the Learn About Low Vision Local Resources which can be downloaded for $.99 per state.  We cover every state including Guam, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.  Click on Store link and buy now.

The Learn About Low Vision Local Resources provides a list of State Resources which will give you all the information, about all of the local resources in your State.  These resources become your guide to follow, as you learn to get all the proper help a person with low vision deserves.

We also sell the Learn About Low Vision and Low Vision Aides for $.99.  This information was written to help people with low vision, and to help those who are trying to help someone with low vision. This information is simple to read and one that should be read, and shared with other people that need to learn about about eye doctors, low vision, and low-vision aids that can help you now.

Get your eyes checked on a regular basis!  First and foremost (and you will hear us say this many times), it is very important to get your eyes checked on a regular basis. Everyone needs to develop a relationship with an eye doctor in his or her community and get his or her eyes checked on a regular basis. All people at all ages need to get their eyes checked to ensure they have healthy eyes.